Sometimes I wonder why is there a double standard for certain things. Why can men do one thing and expect their girlfriend or female figure that’s in their lives to be ok with it? Why when women do certain things they get judged at the highest level? In reality I believe that women and men can do the same exact thing and women can actually pull it off better than a man can. For instance, when you think about it if a man is cheating they are so much sloppier with hiding their affair but with women they are smarter with hiding their affair. Cheating isn’t good with either sex, but with a male they feel like they can do whatever they want whenever they want and no one can feel some type of way about it but say a female did something to them they will bitch and scream about it for what feels like a lifetime. Another thing that bothers me with this generation today is the fact, a male can cheat and get praised and can play the victim when his girlfriend finds out but when a girl cheats she gets judged by females and males in the worst factor. A guy can have multiple excuses and his girlfriend will forgive him multiple times. When a girl has an actual reason behind her actions, it’s always “she’s just playing the victim, he didn’t deserve that”. Ok so a female deserves to be disrespected, neglected, and treated terribly? A females have this bone in their body that allows them to care so much for someone and will continuously keep faith that they will become better. With men it seems as if they have one caring strands once you break it they just don’t care anymore after one mistake, they can never just forgive you and move forward instead they’ll hold it either against you or close to their to the point they begin to lose interest in you or begin to change into a completely different person. I feel if a man actually thought like “why did she do this?” or “how did we get to the point we’re at?” they’ll understand what needs to be changed and what needs to be adjusted to make the relationship work. Men think that they are always right, never wrong. Men hold things in, instead of talking and resolving the issue. It’s like women wear their hearts on their sleeves and men don’t. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t referring to all men or women because all men and women are different in so many factors but for the most part women care so much more than men and we can talk about our feelings and get to a solution while men pretend not to care and can never talk about their feelings but in reality they’re extremely broken up about the incident. Maybe women are too emotional, or maybe men just are emotionless, either way one thing should be judged the same no matter who is doing it in my opinion.

xoxo me’

5 thoughts on “Double Standard

  1. Well men care about their female cheating because in the relationship your lady 👇 their is his and shouldn’t be shared. men can have sex 24/7 their insides are staying the same. women insides change that’s the difference from a man and a female. at least that’s how boys look at it and honestly I do to . Not saying its okay for men or boys to cheat but that’s the big picture . Do you agree?

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    1. yeah I agree that sex changes some women but if our friend isn’t suppose to be shared then why is his allowed to be shared between a different number of females? See you just used the double standard lol


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