In the world we live in today, we look at moving up to higher things as a good thing no matter if it’s a job, or a class. When I hear of the world elevate I think of becoming a Plastic Surgeon. That is the thing I want more than anything in this world, I’ll never allow something to stand in my way. When you allow yourself to strive for higher accomplishments and success you allow yourself to feel great as a person. Moving onto better things is a great accomplishment and will make you a step closer to you getting to your goal. Bring yourself to push through any obstacle, allow yourself to strive to be on top, and don’t be afraid to fail that’ll just hold you back. Fear leads to failure, you’ll never reach success if you allow every fear you have to hold you back, you must push through to reach your success. Allow nothing to stand in your way, elevate yourself to get into a higher position. Once you reach success it is breath taking, as long as you hold back you will never reach your full potential. Elevate to higher positions, strive to success.

xoxo me’

via Daily Prompt: Elevate

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