Valentines Day? LOVE or DARKNESS?

As everyone knows Valentines day is coming up. I have always wondered where did Valentines Day come from, like why was February 14th the day for showing someone you love them. According to an article I read, “The Dark Origins of Valentines Day by Arnie Seipel” Valentines Day is actually not for LOVE, and ROMANCE. So the article states three different events in history that may have had a part in Valentines Day. The first event was “the feats if the Lupercalia” which happened between Feb. 13th and Feb.15. During the feast men would sacrifice a dog and a goat, then whipped the women with the tails of the animal. The second event was the deaths of two men named Valentine, in which took place on Feb 14th. It’s so weird that these two events are associated with Valentines day because nowadays we celebrate love and romance on Valentines day rather than deaths and sacrifices. When I read more on the subject, it turns out the feats of Lupercalia was actually to celebrate fertility, ancestors, early spring and love, it’s just we celebrate with chocolates and nice dates with our significant other or friends or family, and they celebrated with the town and women that they just met who either became their soul mate or who became just another women from Valentines day.

To me Valentines Day is a day that you show someone you cherish or significantly care about your feelings for them incase you haven’t shown them enough within the last year. Valentines Day is a day for “oohs and aahs”. To many females Valentines Day is about what he or she does for them, what gifts they receive or what type of date they go on, that’s one thing I can truly say about my generation we think too much about the material things and less about the quality in spending time with one another, yes the gifts are GREAT, boys/men don’t go and not get your significant other a gift and say I said don’t do it.. lol the gifts are great but when you love someone or even care for them significantly there’s more to it. A guy can give you a gift and then go hang out with his friends, or a guy can not have his gift but spend the entire day helping you by letting you get a break, letting you relax, and take a chill day. I think Valentines Day is more about the things you do for your love one whether its quantitative or qualitative. Money isn’t everything, but that quality time and that nice break day will mean everything.


xo MW

Happy Valentines Day..

Double Standard

Sometimes I wonder why is there a double standard for certain things. Why can men do one thing and expect their girlfriend or female figure that’s in their lives to be ok with it? Why when women do certain things they get judged at the highest level? In reality I believe that women and men can do the same exact thing and women can actually pull it off better than a man can. For instance, when you think about it if a man is cheating they are so much sloppier with hiding their affair but with women they are smarter with hiding their affair. Cheating isn’t good with either sex, but with a male they feel like they can do whatever they want whenever they want and no one can feel some type of way about it but say a female did something to them they will bitch and scream about it for what feels like a lifetime. Another thing that bothers me with this generation today is the fact, a male can cheat and get praised and can play the victim when his girlfriend finds out but when a girl cheats she gets judged by females and males in the worst factor. A guy can have multiple excuses and his girlfriend will forgive him multiple times. When a girl has an actual reason behind her actions, it’s always “she’s just playing the victim, he didn’t deserve that”. Ok so a female deserves to be disrespected, neglected, and treated terribly? A females have this bone in their body that allows them to care so much for someone and will continuously keep faith that they will become better. With men it seems as if they have one caring strands once you break it they just don’t care anymore after one mistake, they can never just forgive you and move forward instead they’ll hold it either against you or close to their to the point they begin to lose interest in you or begin to change into a completely different person. I feel if a man actually thought like “why did she do this?” or “how did we get to the point we’re at?” they’ll understand what needs to be changed and what needs to be adjusted to make the relationship work. Men think that they are always right, never wrong. Men hold things in, instead of talking and resolving the issue. It’s like women wear their hearts on their sleeves and men don’t. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t referring to all men or women because all men and women are different in so many factors but for the most part women care so much more than men and we can talk about our feelings and get to a solution while men pretend not to care and can never talk about their feelings but in reality they’re extremely broken up about the incident. Maybe women are too emotional, or maybe men just are emotionless, either way one thing should be judged the same no matter who is doing it in my opinion.

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Elevate yourself to be better

In the world we live in today, we look at moving up to higher things as a good thing no matter if it’s a job, or a class. When I hear of the world elevate I think of becoming a Plastic Surgeon. That is the thing I want more than anything in this world, I’ll never allow something to stand in my way. When you allow yourself to strive for higher accomplishments and success you allow yourself to feel great as a person. Moving onto better things is a great accomplishment and will make you a step closer to you getting to your goal. Bring yourself to push through any obstacle, allow yourself to strive to be on top, and don’t be afraid to fail that’ll just hold you back. Fear leads to failure, you’ll never reach success if you allow every fear you have to hold you back, you must push through to reach your success. Allow nothing to stand in your way, elevate yourself to get into a higher position. Once you reach success it is breath taking, as long as you hold back you will never reach your full potential. Elevate to higher positions, strive to success.

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First time blogging


My name is Me’ short for Me’lisa, my blog will be about just about anything and everything. Nothing’s off limits. I want you guys to be able to ask me things or give me discussion topics and I’ll post my answers or my feelings on the particular topic you wanted me to talk about. I am very opinionated, I love to speak on situations and how they have made me react whether it is good or bad. I want my blog to be able to help someone one day with a similar problem or just give them some inspiration. Through my life I just about been through a million things from illness to school to boys. I hope you enjoy and follow me on my blogging journey.

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